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Jamestown Fire and EMS is an all volunteer organization serving Jamestown Rhode Island and the Island of Conanicut.

The Jamestown Town Council at a meeting November 6,1888, moved that John J. Watson a committee of one to look into acquiring a suitable engine and shed for the sum of $500 for fire protection.


In April, 1890, the Town Council of Jamestown appropriated the following sum of money which was approved at a financial town meeting: Engine, $200.00; Engine House, $585.18: Hose, $304.12; Ladder and Cart, $316.12; Total, $1,405.42.


After the purchase of the Lafrance steam engine in 1894 a petition was received from residents of Conanicut Park, for the town to turn over the Hand Engine (see engine one history) and 300 ft. of hose to organize a Volunteer Fire Co. to be known as District No. 2 Fire Co.


On August 5, 1926, the Volunteers purchased land on Narragansett Ave. for the sum of $3.800. A request for $10,000 was sent by the Fire Department to the Town Council for the purpose of building a new fire station. In April, 1927, construction of the new fire station started. The contract price was $12,680. The Fire Station was completed Feb 8, 1928.


During recent years most of the modern improvement have been acquired by money received from public subscriptions at the Annual Donation Drive. From time to time the efficiency of the department will be improved and kept up with all modern developments in accordance with the financial income. It is always a pleasure to have visitors call and view our equipment.

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